Storing Doors before hanging.

Sanded and Unfinished Doors.

If storing solid oak doors before hanging the following steps are recommended.

Any packaging to be removed. Solid Oak doors must be kept flat and raised off the floor to prevent doors taking on moisture and to allow air to circulate around the doors. It is best not to stand a door leaning up against a wall for any length of time and this can cause the door to become mis-shapen. The air must be dry and is best to store the doors in the rooms the doors are eventually going to be placed in. Ledge and brace doors are the easiest doors to store.

Never store doors in a garage.  Never leave doors in a room before hanging were there is wet plaster and concrete as the doors will take on the moisture.

Now go and enjoy the pleasure your solidoak and solid oak ledged doors will bring. O and enjoy oiling the ledged and braced doors, just think what yo can do with the time saved by oiling rather than painting your solid oak ledged and braced doors.

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