How To Spray Paint On Oak Doors ?

Oak doors come with ultimate grace and style. It is the life-long addition to the home area due to its immense durability and versatility. It can be preferably used as interior and exterior for the home structures enhancing the beauty and safety of the area.

The roughness and sturdiness of the fixture makes it easy to maintain and care merely by applying reliable spray painting leaving to look more elegant and trendy in nature. This becomes the best option to beautify and smoother the surface to make it appear lively and preventive to weathered or undue changes.

Spray-painting oak doors in different styles adds marvellous touch to the home using airless or low pressure sprayers. The most cost effective methods to paint several doors in a single time. The process is fairly easy to follow as:

1.Free the door from hinges, knobs, plates, striker, leaves, and screws and place it safely on the table in the garage.

2.Scrape out the old paint from the doors using a scraper. Do it carefully. Smoothen up the door to undue gaps or holes prior to painting.

3.Fill up the unwanted holes through applying fillers made from sand, water and disinfectant. Once it gets dried rub the area with sand paper to soften the surface.

4.After the coat the door surface with oil based enamel as a varnish and primer. Apply it evenly and leave the surface to dry at least for 24 hours.

5.Then take the sand paper and wipe the entire doors. Dust out the surface with soft rag if necessary vacuum the portion to make it clean and tidy.

6.Get ready with the paint mixture by adding appropriate mix of water based or oil based paint. Do not forget to put the conditioner into the paint mixture.

7.Pour it into the sprayer. Pick the bottle paint with small spray tip to get perfect finish to the door.

8.Spray gently and evenly on the doors in lesser quantity so that it may not get overly applied to the surface.

9.Get it painted to customised styles and designs to give it an excellent finish. If necessary apply the second coat also but only after 30 minutes.

10. Keep the door aside to dry for overnight.

11. Once it gets completely dry fix it with all the accessories accordingly to the inner or outer area of the home.

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